Bob Carter

International Speaker | Philanthropic Visionary | Recovery Champion

Carter | Advancing Philanthropy Worldwide
Sarasota, FL, USA

Pioneering mega fundraising & humanitarian strategy, connecting donors & organizations for ethical impact worldwide, and championing recovery in both life & business.

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Meet Bob

As a globally recognized connector and philanthropic visionary, Bob has dedicated decades to reshaping philanthropy by championing creative, human-led solutions to mega fundraising, donor relationships, and organizational strategy worldwide. His leadership has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, FOX, International Business Times, and American Press. He is the founder of the P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Approach, which guides people to take purposeful action in their lives.

P: The Power in Philanthropy / U: Understand Yourself / R: Reflection & Recovery / P: Prioritize Connection / O: Organize for Success / S: Swift Action / E: Elevate Your Life and Business through Meaningful Engagement

Throughout his decades-long career, Bob has spearheaded global campaigns to raise and allocate billions of dollars in philanthropic funding. Turning the vertical, top-down business model on its side, Bob teaches progressive and groundbreaking leaders why the horizontal model of leadership–replacing “I” with “we”–is the best way to build robust and lasting businesses.

Openly sharing about his recovery from alcohol addiction, Bob shares the magic in recovery–in both life and business. He advises nonprofit and philanthropic organizations and leaders to see negotiations as a process, not an event, sharing how to pinpoint the best investors, the key differences between charity and philanthropy, and his signature process for approaching a potential donor through his Mega Donor Roadmap, a process that has resulted in continued success through his world-renowned philanthropy consulting firm, Carter Global: Advancing Philanthropy Worldwide. He also shares openly that he has never accepted a job he was qualified for, even turning away from teaching Hamlet and Macbeth to working with C-suite executives (there’s not much difference between the two).

Bob counts himself blessed to be known by Clint Eastwood simply as “Carter.” A graduate of The Boys’ Latin School and Johns Hopkins University, Bob and his wife, Carol, live in Sarasota, Florida. His sons, Travis and Trent, and their families live in Naples, Florida.

Work with Bob

Signature Keynotes

The Magic in the Recovery

Bob leads audiences to discover how to reach their potential through behavioral change, taking failure in stride, and embracing recovery as the path to endurance. Recovery can be life-giving and life-saving. Recovery is a choice.

Negotiations and Money Mindset

Asking for money is an invitation to invest in values. It is a process, not an event. Bob shares how he has helped raised billions of dollars for global campaigns through this signature process for approaching a potential donor and the his Mega Donor Profile.

Leadership Redefined & the Horizontal Business Model: I vs. We

Designed for C-Suite leaders, Bob proves the effectiveness of a horizontal business model when compared to a vertical model. The single most important language shift leaders can make is to replace “I” with “we. ”

Champion Mindset: “Alert to the Opportunity”

Champions know when to win, keeping a keen eye toward opportunities and trusting instincts. In this address, Bob shares his lifetime of lessons from competitive sports, leadership, and recovery to inspire a champion mindset.

Main Talking Points

The Mega Donor Profile - the process for approaching donors that has allowed Bob to help raise billions of dollars

Vital life and business lessons learned through competitive sports, including the key elements of a champion and how leaders can embody them

Why some businesses emerge from a recession stronger and more successful, while others don’t

The horizontal leadership model and why it’s profoundly more effective than a vertical model

The secret to truly realizing your potential (it’s not what you think!)

Lessons learned through the magic of recovery—not just from addiction, but from mistakes and failures

The single most important language shift leaders should be making

Who makes the best investors and why


Bob Carter and his colleagues worked closely with National Geographic to help us get an honest, forward- looking approach to our positioning of philanthropy. Through a highly professional process, Bob gave senior management and our Board of Trustees a deeper understanding of how fundraising and philanthropy could be accelerated internally with their increased, focused support.
Gary Knell

Former President & CEO, National Geographic

Big kudos to Bob – by helping us understand the challenges that were before us, and then working with us on strategies to meet these, he’s helped us transform our school.
Joseph Seivold

Headmaster, Berkeley Preparatory School

Bob has been tremendously helpful to our professional staff, leadership team and myself. His deep experience combined with his ability to apply it to our unique context has made this partnership both rewarding and valuable to our philanthropy team.
Cheryl Jereczek

Senior Vice President, Bethany Christian Services