Dr. Marcelo Hochman

President of IndeDocs | Surgeon | Advocate

IndeDocs, Facial Surgery Center
South Carolina, USA

Double Board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and President of IndeDocs. On a mission to build better medicine for patients and docs, not just better business.

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Meet Dr. Hochman

President of Independent Doctors of South Carolina, Dr. Marcelo Hochman is a double Board-certified head, neck, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, founder of Charleston’s Facial Surgery Center, and Past President of the Charleston County Medical Society. Dr. Hochman’s mission: To put the power of choice back into the hands of patients and physicians and disrupt the healthcare bureaucracy that controls and limits options. Specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery, Dr. Hochman provides pro-bono care for children with vascular anomalies as the Founder and Medical Director of the Hemangioma International Treatment Center.

Through IndeDocs, Dr. Hochman promotes the independent practice of medicine to improve patient experiences and ensure that patients and physicians have alternatives and access to high-quality, doctor-driven care. IndeDocs unites tenured colleagues with doctors-in-training to provide valuable advocacy, assistance, and continued education, protecting the interests of doctors and patients into the future and building better medicine, not better business.

A fierce advocate for a healthcare system rooted in the choice of where, how, and with whom doctors and patients practice and receive care, Dr. Hochman champions legislative projects such as Certificate of Need repeal, the prohibition of economic credentialing and non-compete clauses, and tax incentives for individual doctors who provide pro-bono medical care. Dr. Hochman and his wife of 20 years are parents to three adult sons and currently live in Charleston, South Carolina. When he’s not in the operating room, teaching, or championing healthcare reform, you can find him enjoying the perfect glass of wine or coffee, occasionally indulging his love of fine cigars.

Work with Dr. Hochman

Signature Keynotes

Doctor and Patient Choice

When general practitioners to specialists become employees of larger systems rather than practicing independently, the result is fragmented care, severe cost increases, and enforcement of hospital directives instead of patient focus. To combat these issues, Dr. Hochman helped found IndeDocs to protect and promote independent practice, ensuring that physicians remain advocates for the patients they serve.

Certificate of Need Repeal

Certificate of Need laws across the country favor large, multi-billion-dollar hospital corporations and continue to hurt patients while skyrocketing healthcare costs and revoking patient and doctor choice to receive and deliver excellent care.

Prohibiting Economic Credentialing and Non-Compete Clauses

Dr. Hochman is on a mission to disrupt the healthcare bureaucracy that controls and limits their options. Economic credentialing and non- compete clauses stifle the power of patient and doctor choice.

Incentivizing Pro-Bono Care

Dr. Hochman pursues legislation that provides tax incentives for independent doctors who provide pro-bono, charitable medical care and surgical procedures.

Main Talking Points

The pernicious ways healthcare systems are discouraging more and more doctors from practicing independently and how that impacts the entire healthcare system (especially individual patients)

The impact on healthcare costs to patients as the number of independent doctors dwindles

The impact of Certificate of Need laws and non-compete clauses particularly on rural communities

How healthcare systems use non-compete clauses in employment contracts to put their own interests ahead of patient care

The factors that limit doctors’ ability to provide charity or pro bono care and how tax incentives for doctors will ultimately lead to more options and less red tape for patients in need.

How Certificate of Need laws across the country are hurting patients and skyrocketing healthcare costs