Ellen Frazier

Ellen Frazier, Mortgage Broker, Public Speaker, Author

Frazier Lending Group, Booze Free Babes
Charleston SC USA

Empowering high-achieving women to embrace their courageous evolution and unleash their true potential through radical self-discovery.

Meet Ellen

With over two decades of unwavering dedication to the mortgage industry, I am a seasoned mortgage professional and entrepreneur, fearlessly navigating the ever-evolving landscape of finance. Recently adorned with the title of a Mortgage Broker, I am on a mission to redefine the narrative around home financing while weaving mindfulness and balance into both my professional and personal realms.

Having honed my skills for over 20 years in the mortgage industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every transaction. From traditional lending practices to pioneering innovative solutions, I have been an advocate for transforming challenges into opportunities, ensuring my clients achieve their homeownership dreams.

As a female entrepreneur, I’ve embraced the spirit of innovation, founding and leading ventures that transcend the conventional boundaries of the mortgage sector. My commitment to excellence has not only fueled my professional success but has also allowed me to create spaces where creativity and client-centric solutions thrive.

Recently adorned with the prestigious title of Mortgage Broker, I am excited to amplify my impact and further tailor solutions that resonate with the unique needs of my clients. This designation empowers me to bring a personalized touch to the mortgage experience, creating a bridge between dreams and reality. Balancing Finance and Wellness: Beyond the boardroom, my journey transcends numbers and interest rates. A proud advocate of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, I’ve discovered the profound impact these practices have on both my professional acumen and personal well-being. As someone celebrating over a year of sobriety, I believe in the power of balance, not only in finances but in life as a whole.

I am passionate about weaving mindfulness into the fabric of finance. By combining the precision of numbers with the serenity of mindfulness, I aim to guide my clients towards not just a mortgage, but a holistic financial experience that nurtures stability and growth.

Work with Ellen

Signature Keynotes

Courageous Evolution: Unleashing Your Potential with the EVOLVE Method

Takeaways: Embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation. Overcome obstacles by acknowledging and addressing self-limiting beliefs. Liberate yourself from unproductive habits and negative thought patterns. Visualize and create a compelling vision for your empowered future.

Permission to Thrive: A Woman's Journey to Radical Self-Discovery

Takeaways: Grant yourself the permission to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace your authenticity. Understand the power of overcoming personal challenges, such as addiction and trauma. Visualize a life filled with self-love, wellness, and success. Empower yourself and others by sharing your story and building a supportive community.

The EVOLVE Method: Navigating Personal and Professional Development

Takeaways: Learn to ask better questions to uncover your true desires and goals. Understand the importance of courage in facing and changing your life. Explore the interconnectedness of personal and professional growth. Discover the transformative power of the EVOLVE method in creating lasting change.

Personal Transformation Journey:

Ellen's upbringing in extreme poverty and facing trauma. The profound impact of an incredible mother who overcame adversity to provide education. Living in the Appalachian Mountains, the challenges of a wood-burning stove, and a solitary childhood. Teenage rebellion and the impact of a traumatic incident at 15. Escaping survival mode and the turning point in 2021 when she started working in PsychK.

The Vicious Cycle and Pandemic Pause:

Ellen's realization of operating on a broken routine and the pandemic-induced pause. The toxic cycle of relying on substances. The health implications of the cycle - high blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight gain. Taking action to break the cycle and the role of PsychK in the process.

Sobriety Journey and EVOLVE Method:

Ellen's journey to sobriety, including the ESG bariatric procedure and the year-long commitment.The impact of sharing her story on social media and creating the Booze Free Babes community.The evolution of the EVOLVE Method and its components - Embrace, Voyage, Overcome, Liberate/Let Go, Visualize, and Empower.The significance of courage, radical self-discovery, and permission to ask deeper questions.

Main Talking Points

The EVOLVE Method and Key Principles:

The core principles of the EVOLVE Method - Embrace, Voyage, Overcome, Liberate/Let Go, Visualize, and Empower.Encouraging individuals to rewrite their stories, embrace their evolution, and overcome obstacles.The power of asking better questions and identifying outdated patterns.The significance of self-forgiveness, saying no, and understanding personal worthiness.


Brilliantly weaving together insights and inspiration, Ellen captivated the audience with her keynote, leaving us energized and empowered to take on new challenges. Her unique approach and captivating delivery style made her message unforgettable, leaving a lasting impact on everyone in the room.
Erin T

CEO, Erin Thomas Communications

Ellen Frazier is a powerhouse of inspiration and resilience. As a speaker, she effortlessly captivates her audience with a compelling narrative that transcends mere words, reaching deep into the hearts of every listener. Her story serves as a beacon of empowerment, instilling a renewed sense of confidence and determination among women from all walks of life. After witnessing the transformative impact of her words, I wholeheartedly recommend Ellen Frazier as a speaker who possesses the rare gift of not just delivering a message but leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to experience her presence.

Founder, Whitney McDuff Speaker Brand Strategy & PR