Erin Thomas

Messaging + Brand Strategist | Award-Winning Writer | International Speaker

Erin Thomas Communications, The Whitter Group
Stuttgart, Germany + Charleston, SC

Getting folks visible, credible + profitable using powerful messaging, copy + content creation, and speaking.

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Meet Erin

Erin Thomas is the internationally-recognized owner of Erin Thomas Communications and the co-founder of The Whitter Group, known for its acclaimed STAR Speaker Experience and the Standing Ovation Society. She works with entrepreneurs, business leaders, service professionals and speakers around the world to get them visible, credible and profitable using powerfully-aligned messaging, public speaking and PR.

As a writer and messaging strategist, her passion is helping people harness the incredible power of language to have the impact, influence and income they desire. Everyone has a story to share and helping folks ready to step outside the box to create bold messaging that not only gets them the results they deserve, but feels good, too, is why she does what she does. A Charleston, SC, native and bestselling children’s book author, Erin is currently enjoying that expat/travel life for the third time in Europe with her husband, daughter, two dogs and two cats that think they own the place. (They’re probably right.)

Work with Erin

Signature Keynotes

Clarity = Kindness: Your Roadmap to Messaging that Actually Moves the Needle

Based on Erin's signature tagline...People aren't mind readers. It's time to ditch the sugar-coating and embrace unfiltered communication. Learn how cutting through the noise with crystal-clear messaging isn't just a courtesy, it's a game-changer. From the boardroom to everyday interactions, discover how laying it all on the line breeds respect and drives decisive action. We're redefining kindness through the unapologetic power of clarity.

Storytelling Done Right: Your Ticket to Visibility, Credibility + Profitability

Tackle today’s noisy, saturated professional landscape head-on. In an era of relentless competition and endless content at your fingertips, harness the power of your unique narrative to cut through the clutter. Learn how to captivate audiences, foster genuine connections, and cultivate brand loyalty through authentic storytelling. This isn't just about standing out—it's about making an impact. We are unlocking the secrets to leveraging your story to resonate, convert, and mobilize audiences into passionate advocates for your brand.

The Art of Leaping: Getting Out of Your Own Way to Build the Life + Business You Dream Of

In a world crowded with excuses and obstacles, radical honesty becomes the compass guiding your journey. Learn to ask yourself the tough questions, listen for the authentic answers, and summon the courage to take decisive action. This keynote challenges the status quo, reminding us that if the dream is within us, it's within reach—with unwavering determination. Embrace the shifts necessary to overcome self-imposed barriers and pave the path to your desired future. Life, business, all of it. Your dreams await—let’s take the leap.

Growing Your Speaker Brand in Just One Hour a Week

You have a powerful message to share. You know the world needs to hear it. But how? Break free from the struggle to discover how to craft a compelling message, create essential assets, and implement effective systems and strategies to transform speaking into a truly profitable arm of your business. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to streamlined approaches that yield impactful results, making your mark in the speaking world with confidence and efficiency.

Main Talking Points

Unfiltered Communication: Break free from sugar-coating. Embrace clear, unambiguous messaging as a game-changer in today's noisy landscape, fostering respect and decisive action in all interactions.

Cutting Through the Noise: Learn the art of crystal-clear messaging. Discover how clarity isn't just polite—it's transformative, driving results from the boardroom to everyday conversations.

Redefining Kindness: Embrace the power of clarity. Explore how straightforward communication breeds respect and motivates action, redefining kindness through honest and direct dialogue.

Cutting Through the Clutter: Navigate a saturated professional landscape. Utilize your unique narrative to captivate audiences amidst competition, fostering genuine connections and brand loyalty through authentic storytelling.

Impactful Storytelling: Go beyond standing out. Make a lasting impression by leveraging your story to resonate with audiences, converting them into loyal brand advocates.

Mobilizing Audiences: Unlock the secrets to converting storytelling into action. Learn how to mobilize audiences, turning them into passionate advocates who champion your brand's message and mission.

Embracing Radical Honesty: Harness self-awareness to confront barriers. Ask tough questions, listen to inner dialogue, and bravely acknowledge fears to pave the path forward.

Taking Decisive Action: Overcome analysis paralysis. Set actionable plans, break tasks down, and cultivate resilience to navigate challenges and setbacks with determination.

Strategic Speaker Brand Building: How to craft compelling messaging, create impactful assets, and implement effective strategies, maximizing your speaking opportunities and building a powerful brand in just one hour a week.


Erin did an excellent job at clearly communicating specific secrets that so many speakers or wanna be speakers don't take action on because they don't even know they exist. Less than 24 hours after hearing her professional value packed talk, I had a creative epiphany on how to make my speaker reel stand out and it immediately lead to even more booked speaking gigs!
Jenny Locklin

Corporate Entertainer l Keynote Speaker

I learned so much about how best to communicate my value, my expertise, and how best to position my services. I look forward to finding opportunities to continue working together in the future; she is absolutely my go-to communication & messaging expert!
Elisabeth Galperin

CEO, Peak Productivity Coaching