LB Adams

Award Winning TEDx Speaker / Author / Communication Catalyst

Practical Dramatics
Charleston, SC

Delivering engaging & world changing communication strategies, one positive conversation at a time.

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Meet LB

LB Adams, CEO of Practical Dramatics, is a TEDx speaker & three-times TEDx Emcee, a DisruptHR speaker, former actor and shark-diving scuba instructor. She spent years in corporate America, and using the skills and strategies she learned in the theatre, was able to move up to executive leadership positions.

With Practical Dramatics, she’s connected theatre strategies and corporate communication/soft skills training to bring humorous and engaging learning events to individuals and teams. She has taught or coached thousands of people through her talks, keynotes and best selling book “The Irreverent Guide to Spectacular Communication.” It’s her mission to positively change the world, one conversation at a time.

Work with LB

Signature Keynotes

Elevator Pitch Perfection

Clearly understand what is an Elevator Pitch and why it matters. We’ll provide a simple yet ingenious three-step template to create a pitch that is uniquely memorable, because you are already your own secret weapon.

4 Ways to Build Bigger, Bolder More Profitable Conversations

Do you know the language choices that are sabotaging your conversations and derailing how others perceive you? After this interactive talk, the audience will walk out the door with easy, immediately implementable language choices that will make them a more powerful speaker and leader.

Leading With Humor & Impact: 4 Languages of Great Leadership

Communication is arguably the most important tool in a leader’s toolbox. “Leader” being someone who helms a company, manages a team, runs a community effort or oversees the day-to-day of their family. In this humorous and provocative talk, participants will learn the four "languages" of great leadership and co-working. They'll learn how to authentically implement these strategies, by reframing old communication habits and rethinking specific word choices.

Balance is Bullsh*t: Rewriting the Work/Life Balance Myth

A provocative look at the concept of “balance” and why it doesn’t actually exist. How to reject the shame and unworthiness narrative we've been sold, and embrace FLOW.

Main Talking Points

3 part template to craft an engaging, succinct, authentic description of your business: How NOT to sell, but to ENGAGE and get to the next conversation.

1 word to NEVER use; 2 words to rethink & reframe; and the 3 words to use VERY sparingly

The role of communication in fostering understanding, collaboration and alignment within teams. Embracing the unique perspectives and experiences that humor brings to inspire trust, relatability and connection.

Challenging conventional notions of work/life balance. Understanding the traditional narratives of shame and unworthiness and embracing FLOW. How FLOW aligns actions with a restructured narrative and personal strengths to gain a more fulfilled life.


LB’s energy and passion for the craft is palpable. It drove me to get excited about what my future holds. My SINGLE best investment of 2023. A-FREAKING-PLUS for Practical Dramatics!!!
Alexis Scipio

CEO, The Thrive Point

Working with LB was so much more than I expected. She knows how to take her clients on a journey from small steps to giant leaps in learning how to speak in front of others, craft a talk, and add the extra support necessary to be the emotional support for all the stages in between. She's intelligent and funny and knows when to be gentle and when to be fierce in her support and criticism. My TEDx talk wouldn't be the same without her guidance.
Holly Hughes

CEO, Holly Hughes Intuitive

It was a great event and I've received many compliments about LB's keynote from across the state.
Nick Kremydas

CEO, South Carolina Association of Realtors