Randy Hughes III

Randy Hughes, CPA, Intuit Board Member

Co-founder of Seven Figure Profit™, Founder of CPennies
Atlanta, GA, USA

Financial expertise and strategic decision-making support

Meet Randy

Randy Hughes III is the visionary founder of Counting Pennies, LLC, and co-founder of Seven Figure Profit™, an advisory firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs escape the “7-figure Poor” trap. This term describes business leaders who achieve million-dollar revenues but struggle with low profits, limited time freedom, and unfulfilled personal relationships.

Randy’s holistic approach combines financial expertise with personal development, creating tailored solutions that address both the financial and human aspects of running a business. At Seven Figure Profit™, he and his team work closely with clients to recalibrate operational strategies, ensuring financial wisdom translates into profit gains and improved quality of life.

Randy believes true wealth encompasses more than just financial abundance; it includes the time and freedom to pursue life’s true purpose and nurture meaningful relationships. His team conducts thorough reviews of financial and business practices to identify smarter decision-making areas. This focused oversight helps businesses increase their bottom line and ensures financial gains translate into real-world profits and enhanced personal satisfaction.

Through his guidance, Randy empowers business leaders to reshape their companies into entities that prosper financially and positively impact their owners’ lives, aligning business achievements with personal satisfaction.

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Signature Keynotes

Turn High Revenue into High Profits

Building a Non-Judgmental Connection Acknowledging the embarrassment of outward success but internal struggle, we foster a supportive environment. Sharing our personal stories helps create empathy and connection, letting you know you're not alone in this journey. Evaluating Common Solutions Cutting expenses might seem like a quick fix for profitability but often proves challenging in practice. Such solutions, while logical on paper, can backfire if not carefully considered. Understanding their limitations is crucial. Implementing Transformative Strategies Boosting profits requires actionable strategies. We offer steps that have successfully transformed high revenue into substantial profits for others. Success stories illustrate the effectiveness of these approaches. Offering Personalized Support We offer personalized, one-on-one guidance to help you overcome your unique challenges. This tailored support ensures you get the specific advice and strategies you need to thrive.

Crafting Your Exit Strategy: Navigating Business Sales and Retirement Plans

Raising Awareness It's crucial to consider an exit strategy and the optimal timing for planning a business sale or retirement. Early planning and foresight offer significant benefits, ensuring a smoother transition and maximizing value. Preparing for Transition Before selling or retiring, focus on four key areas: Financials, Operations, Communications, and Mindset. These aspects are critical for a seamless transition and should be carefully prepared. Implementing Immediate Strategies Implement essential strategies right away to ensure a smooth transition. Success stories and examples of well-executed exit strategies highlight the importance of these immediate actions. Offering Personalized Support As a special gift, we offer personalized, one-on-one guidance to help you navigate your unique challenges. This tailored support ensures you receive specific advice and strategies for a successful transition.

Master Your Finances: Make Smart Financial Decisions with Confidence

Empower yourself to make informed, smart financial decisions with confidence. Discover key strategies and insights that will help you take control of your finances, eliminate uncertainty, and achieve financial success. Whether you're an entrepreneur or an individual looking to strengthen your financial acumen, this episode provides practical advice and real-world examples to boost your financial confidence

Have a Profitable Business that Runs Efficiently Without Needing My Constant Attention

Together with my wife Renee, we explore the strategies and systems necessary to build a self-sustaining, profitable business that operates smoothly without requiring constant oversight. We will provide insights into creating a business model that allows for freedom and flexibility, ensuring long-term success and personal well-being.

Main Talking Points

Identifying the Revenue-Profit Gap - Raise awareness about the common issue of high revenue but low profits. - Describe how this problem manifests in businesses, using relatable examples.

Building a Non-Judgmental Connection - Establish a supportive environment, acknowledging the embarrassment that can come with appearing successful externally but struggling internally. - Share personal experiences and stories to create empathy and connection.

Raising Awareness - Emphasize the importance of considering an exit strategy and the optimal timing for planning a business sale or retirement.

Preparing for Transition - Outline the critical areas to focus on before making a sale or finalizing retirement plans. - Break down the preparation into four key aspects: Financials, Operations, Communications, and Mindset.

Understanding Your Financial Landscape - Discuss the importance of having a clear picture of your financial situation. - Explain how to conduct a comprehensive financial assessment, including income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

Setting Clear Financial Goals - Highlight the necessity of setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) financial goals. - Provide examples of short-term and long-term financial goals for both personal and business finances.

The Importance of a Self-Sustaining Business Model - Discuss the benefits of having a business that runs efficiently without the owner's constant involvement. - Highlight the impact on personal freedom, stress reduction, and work-life balance.

Building Robust Systems and Processes - Explain the critical role of well-defined systems and processes in achieving operational efficiency. - Provide examples of essential systems (e.g., automated workflows, standardized procedures, and effective communication channels).

Creating a Strong Company Culture - Highlight the significance of a positive and self-motivated company culture in driving efficiency. - Provide tips on how to cultivate a culture that aligns with the business's values and goals.


There’s a more human approach as a client as opposed to being just a number. I love how you say: I want to find out what you need specifically so that you’re not just a number, but it’s really like hey what is it that you want to accomplish? What you do for me is that you help me to keep me on target. You don’t make it a mystery. I sleep with peace at night regarding my finances. I get excited when I get ready to talk to Randy. Who gets excited about talking to their accountant?
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