Rebecca Rusch

Adventure Athlete | 7x World Champion | 2x Hall of Fame Inductee | Keynote Speaker | Bestselling Author | Emmy Award Winner

Rusch Ventures, Rusch Academy, The Be Good Foundation
Ketchum, ID, USA

World-class explorer, professional athlete, acclaimed speaker, and author who brings her wilderness wisdom to top trailblazers to reach the heights of human performance in leadership, business, and life.

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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Rusch is a world-class explorer, professional athlete, acclaimed speaker and bestselling author who brings her wilderness wisdom and entrepreneurial velocity to top trailblazers to reach the heights of human performance in leadership, business, and life.

She is a seven-time world champion who has spent the last four decades pushing her own mind, body, and spirit to the absolute edge of her own capabilities. While competing at the highest level in the world in multiple sports, Rebecca simultaneously forged a path where many women have never gone: Launching three successful businesses and becoming a high-achieving leader herself. Rebecca learned to rely on her training to expand her focus, her reach, and her impact in all the arenas she touched. Her framework of speaking engagements center on human potential, holistic performance, failure as fuel, and lessons of endurance, perseverance, and resilience from her years of reflection and work on her inner and outer being. Rebecca believes that to give is to get; to risk is to reward; to move is to heal; and to become present is to become proactive.

Summiting renowned Mt. Kilimanjaro on foot is challenge enough; Rebecca did it by bike in 2016. Elected to the inaugural class of the Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame in 2022, Rebecca is also the recipient of the World Bicycle Relief’s Trailblazer Award and a Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee. From becoming the first person to bike the entire 1,800-kilometer Ho Chi Minh Trail, a story featured in the Emmy award-winning film Blood Road, to finishing first–twice–in the human-powered, self-supported Iditarod Trail Invitational on bike and becoming a four-time champion of the grueling Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. And that’s only the beginning. Rebecca consistently pushes her mind, body, and spirit to the limit of human experience and shows others how to do the same. Her bestselling memoir, Rusch to Glory: Adventure, Risk & Triumph on the Path Less Traveled, weaves lessons of grief and failure, the mind-body connection, and endurance, perseverance, and resilience.

Rebecca serves as a guide to unbreakable strength, unshakeable confidence, and the risk-taking needed to lead with vulnerability and reflection to build a life and corporate culture that thrives through purposeful action.

Work with Rebecca

Signature Keynotes

The Be Good Foundation

In her journey of grief following the death of her father, Rebecca and her sister learned that pain is not a cave; it’s a portal. In his honor, Rebecca formed The Be Good™ Foundation which uses bicycles as a catalyst to support global healing, empowerment, and evolution.

The “Nature” of Success: Unlock Your Hidden Edge

Rebecca shares insights from her life-long journey honing her skills to move forward from setbacks and create navigational handrails for success. This keynote is ideal for high-performing leaders ready to lead like elite athletes as they craft the trail map to peak performance.

Grief to Greatness: Unleashing Extraordinary Achievement

Designed for elite performing women leaders ready to break patterns and accept nature's catalyst for achievement, Rebecca shares how she built her relationships through grief as she searched for connection following the loss of her father. For women ready to embrace the wild within and all its facets.

Dirt Dharma: An Explorer's Guide to Self-Discovery

Rebecca presents a toolkit for taking responsibility for our own lives and becoming our own teachers. Participants learn how to explore the uncharted with presence and proactivity, create a set of navigational handrails for building wisdom, and adopt lessons from the trail to create a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Main Talking Points

How to create and apply the mindsets and habits of a world-class athlete

Lessons of mental endurance and resilience from biking the entire Ho Chi Minh Trail

Designing trail maps for achieving peak performance in life and work

How Leaders can use failure to fuel breakthrough success

The science behind the mind-body connection

The neuroscience behind motivation and why it’s not “one size fits all”

Evaluating risk to determine true vs. perceived value

How leaders can activate their body for peak performance by understanding serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine

How to navigate out of failure, loss, and hardship


Rebecca Rusch is relentlessly fast racing a bike, but before she became one of the world's greatest endurance athletes, she was a normal person like you or me, just tougher and more determined. Known as the Queen of Pain for her incredible perseverance, Rusch's story can inspire anyone to discover their own greatness.

When Angela Duckworth talks about Grit, she holds up a picture of you. When Chuck Norris is about to quit, he calls you. When young children hold out for two marshmallows instead of just one, it’s because someone whispered "REBECCA RUSCH" in their ear. Inspiration, Vision, and Grit make you powerful and unique!
Allen Lim

Founder, Skratch Labs

As a lifelong student of the adventurous, entrepreneurial life, Rebecca has the unique ability to take her hard-earned wisdom from athletic feats and apply them to the arenas of business and charitable foundation. She is also meticulous in her preparation. We all have much to learn from her passion and approach to sport, life, and legacy.
Selene Yeager

Host, Hit Play Not Pause