Renee Hughes

Renee Hughes Communications & Messaging Expert | Aroma Psychology Specialist

Co-founder of Seven Figure Profit™, Founder of The Aromaspecialists®
Atlanta, GA, USA

Wealth Beyond Numbers

Meet Renee

Renèe Hughes is the visionary founder of The Aromaspecialists and co-founder of Seven Figure Profit™, an advisory firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs escape the paradox of high revenue but low satisfaction, termed “7-Figure Poor.” This term highlights the struggle of business leaders who generate million-dollar revenues yet face low profit, limited time freedom, and unfulfilled personal relationships.
Renèe’s approach focuses on holistic well-being, combining her expertise in communications, messaging strategy, and personal development to create tailored solutions for clients. At Seven Figure Profit, Renèe and her team recalibrate operational strategies to ensure financial success aligns with improved quality of life.
Believing that true wealth extends beyond financial abundance to include time freedom and meaningful relationships, Renèe conducts thorough reviews of messaging and business practices to identify smarter decision-making areas. This operational oversight helps businesses boost their bottom line while enhancing personal satisfaction.
Through her guidance, Renèe empowers business leaders to transform their companies into entities that thrive financially and enrich their owners’ lives, ensuring business achievements no longer conflict with personal fulfillment.

Work with Renee

Signature Keynotes

The Power of Prioritization: Turning a Busy Life into a Purposeful Journey

Explore strategies to help business owners and their teams reclaim control over their hectic schedules and align their daily activities with core personal and professional goals. This keynote will guide you and your team through practical techniques to identify and focus on what truly matters, shedding light on how to eliminate distractions and delegate tasks that don't serve your higher purpose. We'll delve into the art of setting clear priorities, making deliberate choices, and creating a balanced life that fosters both productivity and personal fulfillment. As a bonus, we will integrate personal development practices and the science of aroma psychology to further enhance your journey. Learn how to use the power of scent to influence your mood, increase focus, and support your overall well-being. We’ll challenge participants to transform busyness into a journey of purpose, leading to a richer, more satisfying life for both you and your team.

Revealing Your Value: Mastering Clarity and Communication to Attract Your Ideal Opportunities

This talk guides you on a journey to understand and articulate the true value of who you are and what you do. By mastering clarity and effective communication, you'll learn how to attract the opportunities and success you desire, both personally and professionally.

From High Revenue to True Wealth: Cultivating the Mindset for Maximum Profit and Personal Fulfillment

Achieving seven-figure profits requires more than just a solid business strategy—it demands a powerful mindset. This episode explores the mental framework and attitudes essential for sustaining high-level success. Learn how to develop the resilience, focus, and strategic thinking needed to not only reach seven figures and beyond and to be joyful and profitable beyond numbers.

Wealth Beyond Numbers

True wealth extends far beyond financial metrics. It encompasses personal fulfillment, meaningful relationships, and a balanced life. Explore the multifaceted nature of wealth and discover how to cultivate a rich and rewarding life that transcends mere numbers. Learn strategies to achieve not only financial prosperity but also personal and emotional well-being.

Main Talking Points

Effective Time Management Techniques: Practical strategies such as time blocking, setting SMART goals to maximize productivity, and Renee’s “Timer” method.

Discovering Your Core Values: Dig into the fundamental beliefs that drive your actions and shape your purpose, providing a solid foundation for authentic communication.

The Power of a Growth Mindset - Discuss the importance of embracing a growth mindset for continuous improvement and innovation. - Highlight the role of lifelong learning and adaptability in staying competitive.

Redefining Wealth - Discuss the traditional view of wealth focused solely on financial success. - Introduce a broader definition that includes personal fulfillment, relationships, health, and time freedom.

Building Meaningful Relationships - Highlight the value of strong personal and professional relationships in creating a wealthy life. - Provide tips for nurturing relationships and building a supportive network.

Balancing Work and Life - Discuss strategies for achieving a healthy work-life balance. - Provide tips on time management, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care.

Maintaining Focus and Discipline - Highlight the role of focus and discipline in achieving and sustaining seven-figure profits. - Provide tips on avoiding distractions and maintaining consistent productivity.

The Role of Aroma Psychology: Utilizing scents to improve mood, concentration, and overall well-being, and incorporating these practices into your daily routine. Its hard to get things done we feel unwell.

Mindfulness and Stress Management: Busy professionals often find breath work and meditation too time-consuming and laborious. We demonstrate mindfulness practices such as quiet time and easy deep breathing that are quick and effective to reduce stress and improve mental clarity.


My confidence has GROWN tremendously with your help and when I am confident I am unstoppable. My message was a bit disconnected and I did not know how to make it all cohesive and connected to my course, now I know! And now I can tell my clients so they move through my funnel into my programs a lot easier. It is simple, yet the results are profound
Maria Fiordalisi


You do something to my brain! I get unstuck and moving with your guidance. If I try to explain to other coaches what I try to explain to you, they would not get me with such depth. I believe you are the only coach that gets actual results.
Meredith L. Cheshire, RA, MH, CCAP

President, Faeve Apothecary, LLC